Turnkey Service

Our Turnkey Service allows us to draft a project and carry out the construction work as well as organising any internal formalities that may be required so that the work can be successfully accomplished.

A Turnkey project requires a clear objective in mind: that of avoiding a waste of time and money in construction processes. Our involvement guarantees the elimination of any coordination issues and any extra costs that may be involved with the diversification of responsibilities.

The main benefits provided by our Turnkey Service are:

  • No tasks are duplicated, and therefore costs stay minimised
  • The client does not need to assume any extra costs due to management mistakes
  • Rapid accomplishment and handover of the completed building

Stages of the Turnkey Service

Phase I: Study prior to construction.-

  1. Formalities with the institutions in order to obtain approval on the feasibility of the construction works.
  2. Client ideas are taken down.
  3. Draft and presentation of draft projects for the building works intended.
  4. Study and testing of the land where building will be located and measurements of the same by a qualified professional.
  5. Presentation of initial layouts, proposed materials, interior designs and lighting.
  6. Calculation of the costs for the chosen building units and acceptance by the client.
  7. Drafting of the project in accordance to the agreed points.
  8. Application for a building permission and/ or business licence or opening licence, where applicable.
  9. Once licences have been obtained, the building works can commence.

Phase II: Construction and Accomplishment of works.-

  1. Hire of control and quality laboratories and the Technical Inspection Agency.
  2. Draft of the Health and Safety Plan and opening of the working site.
  3. Commencement of the construction works.
  4. Selection and presentation of sample materials and finishes.
  5. Manufacture of furniture as per design.
  6. Control of accomplishment.

Phase III: Completion and legalisation of works.-

  1. Testing and review of finishes.
  2. Issue of final certificates.
  3. Certificate of completion of the works.
  4. Formalising all legalities.
  5. Hiring ancillary services, such as the insurances.