Construction and accomplishment of building works

Our passion for a well accomplished job was the determining factor in leading us to extend our services from the development of projects to the construction of the actual buildings. In fact, we want to assure our clients that we will accomplish the best building solution for their project by examining and supervising each detail, and by planning and working with precision.

What at the start was only a distant goal, it is today one of our company's most developed business lines, as we have developed large industrial and residential projects. This work has gained us considerable reputation and has put us in the direction of constructing and accomplishing public and civil building works.

Our technicians will carry out all the formalities required to comply with the Safety and Health regulations in order to prevent risks at work in all the buildings. We also manage the coordination work for the waste management of each new construction or reformation work from our offices. We cooperate with reputed laboratories for the quality control of all the materials used in the construction process.

Our outstanding value in construction matters is the technical and financial planning of the works, as well as the control of the production stages.

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