Architectural, Engineering and Urban Planing Projects

We have been commissioned large projects involving the draft of architectural, engineering and urban planning projects.

Our architectural projects can include from the extension or rehabilitation of buildings to the drafting of entirely new projects for property buildings, social buildings, schools and hotel complexes.

We also prepare the projects for industrial buildings. Our engineers carry out projects which require a business license, construction of industrial buildings and, of course, high voltage line projects, amongst others.

With regards to Urban Planning, we are commissioned the drafting of small Special Planning projects, as well as in-depth studies and even are involved in proposals for building acts or building Partial Plans for large areas of land.

For each project our team places special attention on the development of sustainable architectonic solutions which may provide greater energy savings to the building. Smart designs and the use of techniques, systems and materials always with the environment in mind contribute to minimise the use of energy and mean greater money and energy savings.

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